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Below is what LOR Tech support sent to me about cards. 

Even though I had the correct card, I found a little glitch if you use Simple Show Builder and then use the Hardware Utility to setup a show. Look at this discussion for more details.


We suggest Kingston Technology 4GB to 32GB SDHC class 4 (or higher) memory cards because they're rated to work at -20 degrees. These can typically be found at your big-box stores or you can do a quick Internet search for them.  

SD memory cards should be formatted as FAT16 or FAT32. 

SDXC memory cards (typically 64GB and higher) will not work unless the device is partitioned so the first partition is formatted as FAT32. 

We do NOT recommend any SanDisk SDHC memory cards. Many of our customers have reported issues making them work in Light-O-Rama ShowTime Directors.

We do NOT recommend using class 2 memory cards.  Look for a 2 with a 'C' around it.  These are very slow cards and most have trouble keeping up with the demands from Light-O-Rama.

Stay away from Class 2 cards!

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agree with LOR and drmoon, the Kingstons work flawlessly. But I can't find them around here. I have since bought many from LOR when buying other needs. However, before I bought them, I have had good luck with Lexar sd cards as well. The Sandisk, as reported above, gave me fits. Thought my minidirector was going out. Very sporadic at best. Changed sd cards to only Lexar & Kingston and has been perfect ever since. 

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