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2 Years ago I purchased a 6 channel star from our great buddy Brian B. I was and still am running a 12 CCR show with his sequence's

going through a LOR 1602-W/mp3. Had trouble getting star to communicate (coming on). Made a call to Brian and a friend of mine who

is computer tech they work on making this happen. For 2 years it work. This year could not get the star to work. Called Brian after a 2-3

ours out in 10 degree weather put a call into Brian and after 2 hrs. we could not make it work. After that I also updated software and still

Brian and I had no luck. My show is very simple, just the tree (12-CCR) and then we used 1 through 6 out of the LOR control. Please let

let me know if any thoughts. Merry Xmas


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Are you able to communicate and command the 16 channel LOR controller with the Hardware Utility?

If you are able to get to the 16 channel controller, is the status light solid or flashing.

What is your channel configuration?  What I'm asking is what are the controller ID numbers, and what channels are being used for the star?

Are you running an enhanced LOR network, and if so, is the 16 channel controller a Gen-3 controller (status LED will be green rather than red)?


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I am using the lor 1602, we are having issue of addressing the controller and setting the ID.

Because I have a memory issue it is best if you could contact Brian to review the steps we

have taken to resolve this. A friend of mine also tried to get them to address and no luck.

We were using ch. 1 thru 6 just FYI

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