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My wishlist behavior for the new interactive I/O boards


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I'm putting together a large light sculpture with LOR. (You can see the details of the setup here: http://illusion.eyetrap.com ).

We want to make the light sculpture as interactive as possible, and I know LOR is launching an I/O board to add interactive controls to the show director. Does anyone know how this will work? How will the lights react to the buttons? Will it be responsive? Will pressing two buttons at the same time allow two sequences to run similtaniously?

I sent a message to the wishlist email---I'll just copy my message below.

Message sent to the wishlist below:

Oh High Light O Rama Lords, Grant me this Wish:

We're using Light O Rama for a large art installation in August: http://illusion.eyetrap.com

We want to have preprogrammed sequences, mixed with interactive elements.

For example:
9:00 PM: Preprogrammed musical sequence is scheduled.
9:05 PM: An Interactive control panel lights up and interactive buttons become active. (The control panel is tied to a LOR channel and works as a scheduled show)
9:10 pm: Interactive control panel dims away and new musical sequence starts.

Interactive button Behavior
The control panel would have several buttons. For example, one button would run a short sequence that turns all lights on, another button would have a chasing sequence, and so on--we're thinking about 20 buttons with short sequences tied to each one. Ideally, these sequences could layer ontop of each other, meaning you can add them together in an additive manner. For example you might have one button that creates a wave, and if another person pressed a separate button tied to the chasing sequence at the same time, the light levels would add on top of each other. In this way all the buttons are immediately reactive and you would be able to interact them with one another. (So, button A tells channel 1 to be 50% dim for x amount of time, and button B tells channel 1 to be 30% dim for x amount of time. If both buttons (A&:P are pressed at the same time, channel 1 would be 80% dim. So if the buttons are programmed at low dim levels, the more buttons that are pressed, the brighter the field of light channels becomes)

1. Is this along the lines of what you are planning for your interactive hardware? Alternatively, how will your interactive controls behave?
2. Is there any way to make this possible?
3. Will your interactive hardware be ready in some form by our show in August?

Most Sincerely, and Grovelingly,


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