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Circle Sequences on Arches


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I was helping a customer and he told me he used the circle sequences on his arches. So I made some visualizations of arches and mapped them to the sequencing grid that I use for the circles.

I have a visualization for 4 arches where each arch is 50 pixels. I also have a visualization for 8 arches where each arch is 25 pixels. The visualizations are attached to this message.

 Here is the youtube link to "Wizards in Winter" on 4 arches and on 8 arches:

The patterns are unusual because the sequences were written for circles but they look pretty good.

If you have some circles sequences and want to put them on your arches, let me know and I can email the visualizations to you.

Below are youtube video links to "Carol of the Bells (Christmas Eve Sarajevo)" and "Let It Go" on 4 arches and 8 arches:






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