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LORMonitor has encountered a problem

Oliver Blatt

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So this is an interesting issue...

Occassionaly, while the show is merrily running (schedule is enabled, tray light bulb is blue, shows are playing) I'll get the dreaded "this program has encountered an error and has to close" box. But, the show and schedule continue to play and work fine. Choosing the close program box changes the lightbulb red for a second, then it immediately changes to blue again, and one everything resets, everything keeps chugging along as expected. 

Rebooting the computer had not solved the problem, which just started this season. I'm running XP, and the computer has not been modified with new programs, or even connected to the internet in a few years. Watching the show log also gives me no clues or errors  

Other than the annoyance of seeing the error window, everything seems to be working fine, but I'd like to resolve the issue at some point. Has anyone had this issue?

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I would try to limp through the season if it doesn't get any worse, then nuke the machine and re-install windows or restore from a recovery disk.

How often does it happen, do you reboot at least occasionally, does it always happen at the same time or on the same song, could be something starting in the background. or could be a damaged sequence or audio file.

You don't say what LOR version you are using, but an update or at least a re-install might help.

There is also the possibility that it might be a sign that the HDD is starting to show its age, in which case it will get worse over time.

Many possibilities, but more likely an operating system issue than not.

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Those are all good questions! I never get there error when actively using the LOR software (sequence editor, schedule editor, visualizer, show editor)...so I'm not in front of the computer when the error pops up. When I came home from work yesterday, I was relieved to see the lights doing their thing, and when checking the computer, there was the error. I didn't click "close" since the show was running, but I'll do that this morning when I leave for work. 

I may have been incorrect when I said nothing has changed on the computer in a few years. Last year before the season started I upgraded my license level and installed the latest version of the software, but I had no issues last year.

i just rebooted the computer a few days ago when I first saw the issue as I was finishing my show for the year (yes, I am extremely late to the party this year, but that's a discussion for another thread!). I may reboot again tonight once the show ends for the evening to see what happens. 

One of these nights, I'll camp out by the computer and see if the error occurs during the show, or if it happens when nothing is going on.

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Here's an update.

First, here's how my show schedule works every night: All my songs are musical sequences.

4:30-4:31 lights on sequence runs. This turns on a static display until I start the show.

4:50-4:52 lights off sequence runs. This turns off the static display.

4:52-8:56 show runs.

8:56-8:57 lights on sequence runs again. This turns on the static display after the "show"

11:00-11:01 Lights off sequence runs again. This turns everything off for the night.

After observing for a few days, I realized that once I got the error, everything would run fine except for the lights off sequence. When that sequence would start, the lights would just shut off, and the sequence wouldn't run. If I would clear out the error, lights off would run the way I expected it too. Every other sequence would run fine with the error, just not lights off.

Last night, when I got home, the show was running, but the error was triggered. I cleared out the error, and the watched the entire show run, and watched lights on sequence run. No error last night. I also saw that the final lights off sequence ran fine (the log shows that song ending, which it wouldn't show when lights off didn't run correctly).

This morning, another error! I did run the verifier, and I fixed a few conflicting channels in my lights on sequence, but other than that and a bunch of "this channel is unused" codes and I didn't have the program set to clear the memory, there were no weird codes.

As of now, everything is reset, and I'm hoping I've found the problem!

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