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Just a shout out to the man with all the answers!!  As a huge fan of LOR, I would like to thank those that make it possible.  Can't imagine how busy you must be at this time of year.  Thanks for all you do for all of us.

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+ !,000

Don't forget Bob, Brian, Matt, Mary, and all the behind the scenes people at Light-O-Rama (and I'm sure I missed someone I wanted to list specifically).


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I think they're all pretty good - even Dan.  ;)

But Mary is my hero.  It seems like I ask for a lot of things out of the ordinary and she's never let me down.  I just know for a fact that when she answers the phone, my problem or issue is solved. 

Thanks Mary.

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You are welcome!

But I'll be the first to tell you though that I don't have all the answers.  I have my expertise areas just like the rest of the people around here.  This year my duties expanded to also include basic ordering issues/creating new orders so you hear from me more than ever.


There are other amazing people in the company most you may never hear from or see:

Chuck is my partner in crime for Help Desk tickets.  The first person you hear from when you open a ticket is probably him or I.

Brittany is the queen of shipping.  If you ever needed a part or shipping quote she's the one who took care of it.  I will assign her a ticket to replace something, and 15 minutes later it is boxed, shipped, and tracking number posted.

Her brother Brian (not Super Star Brian) usually answers the phones and can do quick triage and get you to the person you need.  

Sam does a great job with repairs.  If you sent it to us to be fixed, he touched it.

The people in the Manufacturing department are great.  If I need something special for a customer or to fix a problem, Sherri and her team will get it done no questions asked.  I'm embarrassed to say I don't remember a lot of their names - I just know they are the ones 'hands on' when something needs to be done.  Don't worry - I send them all Xmas gifts! :) 

John and Cliff do hardware design and firmware.  If something isn't working right, or I have a technical issue with a piece of hardware, they are quick with an answer.

Poor Don gets thrown to the wolves this time of year trying to keep up with forum issues.  

And then there are all of our partners and their employees.  Without them we would be lost. Mike, Drew, Don, Darryl, Carson, Brian, there are so so many..  Everyone on the list here: http://www1.lightorama.com/partners/

Thanks also to TSO and their management company for partnering with us to start selling the TSO Signature Series Showtime Central.  I know that may sound a little insincere (and that I am plugging something for a sale), but this was a big deal for us.  TSO has always been receptive and a fan of LOR, but working out licensing and having them trust us with their name is something else entirely.  They don't put their name on many things, that is for sure!

Brian and Matt of course, who you do get to hear from frequently here on the board, have 10 times the patience than I can ever hope to have.  They are tops in what they do.  

Dan and Mary who do so much more than what they lead you to believe.  

Of course the biggest thanks goes out to all our customers.  I'm not Dan so I can't tell you if this year was the best we ever had in terms of sales/etc...  But I can tell you this:  2016 is the busiest year since I have been a part of this company in terms of calls and help desk tickets,and it is not over.  

The friday after Thanksgiving is our busiest day.  Compared to an average day, we received more than 17 times the number of new tickets on just that day.  Compared to the same day last year, new tickets were up 30%.   I think it is safe to assume that if tickets are up, sales are up. We couldn't do that without you.  It is amazing to see something that was just a niche market a few years ago turning into something much bigger - and being a part of it.

AND... A personal thanks from me to all of you for allowing me to share my frustrations and funny stories about life on the helpdesk and life as a programmer.  

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