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Anyone know what might be causing CCB's to flicker?  It's not the entire string, just specific bulbs.  I'm using a G3 Showtime Director to run the show.  When the show comes on, it's the same bulbs that flicker each night.  I've replaced and tested the light stings, it's not them.  It seems to be a problem with the controllers.  When I switch the light stings to opposite ends on the controller, the same bulbs flicker on the opposite side.  This is happening on multiple controllers.  Is that just a coincidence, or they all bad?  When I unplug the controllers and plug them back in, it temporarily stops the flickering, but returns minutes later.

I used the Pixel Editor to create the sequences, and made sure there are no stray commands on the channels.  I used verifier to check the sequences, and all are 100% clean.  I have 5 CCB controllers, a CMB24D board with 8 10W RGB spots, and G3 Director all on Regular LOR network.  All CAT5 cables are brand new, just made them this year.  Triple checked my ends, all are good.

Do I have the 10W spots configured correctly in PE?  I have 8 separate props, configured in sequential order, as seen below.  Could that be causing the flickering?



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