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CosmicColor strips flashing randomly during show


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I have a show where I am not using any of the cosmic color devices but the strips keep flashing randomly during the show, like they're glitching?  Any ideas?

one LOR network

8 CCR controllers and ribbons

4 CCD controllers and 8 strings. 

1 CCB controller and 2 strings

7 standard 16 channel controllers 

5 50W floods

4 10W floods and controller

Using 500k network speed

About 600' of Ethernet cable daisy chained. 

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1 hour ago, Scud2 said:

I was told not to use more that 50' ethernet cable at a time. Longer than that can cause a delay

Bull!  Electricity travels in a wire not all that far below the speed of light.


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Well my eyes are super quick to pick things up. So my Lazer vision accepts nothing but 50 feet lololol. Good to know cuz my upgrades for next year were going to push that limit! Thank you

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