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Messed up my .sup file a little?


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I pasted some effects in Superstar Editor that went past the end of my song.  Later deleted/moved them.  Now every time I open the file, I get a warning message saying "The time length of the audio file is shorter than the length of the effects"  etc.  "Do you want to load the audio file?"

I tried not loading the file, then re-importing, but still having trouble.

Any way to fix this?




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launch superstar, open the sequence, go to the end of the sequence and delete any effects that go beyond the end of the song. If there are no effects that are visible at the end of the song, bring up the scene dialog box, scroll to the bottom of the list of scenes and see if the start time is beyond the end of the song. If it is, click on the effect in the list and delete it.

Do the same thing for morphs, smooth effects, images, and text.

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OK, great, that worked.  Weird thing was they were "invisible" on the time line until I deleted one of them, then about 10 would show up on different levels (for both scenes and morphs)




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