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How many SNOWS did you have? New record.


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I happy I did not leave my Christmas decor under the snow

As a result, Bathurst New-Brunswick Canada has already passed its record winter snowfall of 415 centimetres (163 inches), which was established in the winter of 2000-01

We have 22 snowstorms and another one coming this Friday again OUF


Snow Snow


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Thanks Jeff. :D

As he said, snow has been very minimal in the Philly area this year. We had about 7 inches total. There were many potential snowfalls according to the advanced weather forecasts, but nearly all of them never panned out.

I plow snow for NJDOT, so I look forward to getting some snow...white money! I did get about 40 - 50 hours though, as they need to have us out on the roads just in case of snow or ice. Of the first four overnighters, I think I only had to spread salt once, and didn't even have the plow on the truck those times. The 5th and final time I was called out, it was our biggest storm of the season, and that's not saying much...about 4 inches or so fell.

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