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Drill Jigs for PVC pipe


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It is that time of year again.  I have started my presale for my Drill Jigs for PVC pipe.   The jigs allow you to drill customers spaced holes in PVC pipe for your RGB 12mm bullet nose pixels.  The presale will run through December with delivery in February.  Jigs are $45 plus $13.45 shipping in the USA.  International shipping is available, please message us so we can get an estimate for you.  Full details and photos on our "Rainy Oregon Christmas" facebook page.  

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1 hour ago, wmilkie said:

very cool idea

It started off as a gift idea, then modified it, and then progressed to a full commercial product.  There are dozens of happy lighters out there using these.  

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Looks good, are the jigs adjustable for distance between bulbs and or bulb diameter, or is it just for 12 mm and a set distance?


Thanks Keith

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Mr P

I just clicked on his link, then closed the Facebook question/disclaimer window and you can look at the picture, I had to do it one at a time for each picture, kind of a pain but doable, I too don't do the Facebook thing either, acts like a virus or spam machine i always thought.



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Jig details:

It's all aluminum except for the fasteners.  The main body is made from 1/4" thick 2×2 inch "U" channel.  So it's a real solid tool.


The body is 14" long, and the interior diameter is 1.500" so it fits up to 1" pipe.  


The locating pins can be ordered as 12mm or 1/2" or both if you wish.  The pins sit on a sliding carriage that can be locked in place at any desired location.  This allows for custom spacings from 1" to 12".  

V shaped locating blocks keep the pipe centered in the jig.  The V slots also allow for many different sizes of pipe to be used in the same jig.  


If you do not have Facebook, and you would like to order a jig, drop me a message here with your email address and the phrase Drill Jig presale.  I will then send you a Paypal invoice.  Jigs will ship in February.  


Let me know if anyone has further questions.  


- Matt.

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I will do international shipping, but will need to quote shipping separately from the presale.  I'll need a finished jig boxed and weighed with your address to get a cost.  For example, shipping to Australia was in the neighborhood of $40 U.S.  last I checked.  

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If anyone is interested in have one works great. Have no more use for will sell for 35 plus shipping.   Please email me at 


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5 hours ago, sysco said:


Sysco, drop me your email address in a personal message.  I'll invoice you.

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