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Instant sequence limit on one CCR/one audio file?


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I've used SuperStar to add one instant sequence per audio file to one CCR in the past.  I''d like to add several different instant sequences to one CCR at different points in the audio file.  Is this possible, or do you get only one instant sequence per song, regardless of whether it plays for the full length of the audio file or not?  Could you build several subsequences for the same CCR, each with a different instant sequence, and just turn each sub on or off in the SE? Or would the CCR just get confused?


Don in Chicagoland

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You can do as many as you like.  Just select the portion of the song that you want to add to and when you bring up the instant sequence dialogue box select " SEQUENCE BY SELECTION ONLY" 

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As Grinch mentioned at the top of the Instant Sequence dialog box select "Sequence the Selection Only"

Note that if the region you are sequencing is bigger than the visible screen, you can mark the beginning of the selection with a left click on the time ruler and mark the end of the selection with a right click on the time ruler.

There is also a video tutorial on this. Go to the Lightorama main page, click on "Support" then click on "Tutorials / PDFs". The superstar tutorials are near the bottom. Look for one on instant sequence on a selection.

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