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Help! Comm port tied up and show won't work.


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Hi LOR's,

I have everything working except for the Show.  All lights work when I use the Hardware Utility and the Sequence Editor but when I go to run the show only, I get a comm error that it is already in use.  I've shut down, rebooted, ensured neither the HU or Sequence Editor were on.  The LOR is red in the system tray.  The LORCommListerner window keeps popping up and show the connection is accepted.  Not sure if the CommListerner should be running (maybe that is causing the problem?) but every time I kill it, it pops right back up. 

I'm on a laptop using Comm 4 and have searched through all the forums to try to find an answer to this.  I even have looked at all the processes to try to identify if there was another process tying up the port but can't find one.  A picture of the LORCommListerner is attached, maybe that will give a clue?

Capture Trouble.PNG

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I have a whole neighborhood waiting for me to fire it up!!

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And yes, if you are running S4 (as opposed to S3 or S2), the Comm Listener needs to be running.  It will automatically start as soon as the LOR Control Panel is started.

Are you using both LOR and DMX networking?  It's a little hard to read, but it looks like the Comm Listener is opening a port for DMX universe 1.  I'm wondering if you are not using DMX, but created DMX Universe 1 using the same comm port - hence the reason that the LOR regular network can't use that port.


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Your a genius!  Yes, it was that I had DMX and LOR both looking for the same port.  I went to LOR Networking and shut down the DMX and bam, it all works.  Hours of frustration solved.  Many thanks!


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