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Trying to create a musical sequence in Pixel Editor for start of show. Have 5 second audio clip of a chime beat at each second. The audio fades down after each beat.

For some reason the sequence will stop playing in its entirety in either the Pixel or Sequence Editor. It stops after the first beat fades out.

I've tried creating in both the Pixel and Sequence Editor. Getting the same result, just stops after first beat reguardless of the effects on he channels. Does this happen cause it thinks the audio is over?

Any suggestions?

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In the Sequence Editor, it's possible to have a sequence that is shorter than the audio file. In this case, it will stop playing at that point, as if the  audio file finished. In the Sequence Editor, select "Edit" -> "Change Total Time" and see if this time is less than the length of your 5 second audio clip.

This could happen if you created the sequence with a shorter audio clip, then replaced the MP3 file with a longer audio clip. In that case, the sequence would retain the shorter time from when it was created.

I don't know enough about Intensity Data files to know if the same thing happens in the Pixel Editor, but I doubt it.

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