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Too much delay to start....


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I have a 10 second delay on a seq of mine and I'm trying to cut out the first 10 seconds of the whole seq (Includes audio).  I'm sure there is a way and I'm missing it somehow.  Any help would be great!! Thanks.



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Just so we are clear, are you saying that you have 10 seconds of silence at the beginning of your audio file, and you want to get rid of that silence and trim the total length of your sequence? 

If it is, then Audacity is your friend. (You can download it here audacity.sourceforge.net/download/  ) With it, you can edit your audio by highlighting the first 10 seconds of the file, and deleting it. Then export what remains as a .WAV file. Then you'll have to associate the new audio (.wav) file to your sequence. Once that's done, you'll want to select your entire sequence EXCEPT for the first 10 seconds (or whatever amount of time you cut out of the audio file) and CUT it. Then arrow back to the beginning of your sequence, and paste all the sequencing back into the file. You may have to fool with the exact placement of your sequence so that it lines up with the audio. You can then adjust the length of your sequence to the new length to tidy things up. All of this would be un-necessary if you'd trimmed the audio BEFORE you began sequencing. (You'll know next time :) )


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