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Adding pixel star to visualizer


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I am looking for help setting up pixie16. I have 3 CTB16PC controllers and 1 CMB24D. All worked last year. Now I'm trying to add 4 Pixel strings in a star pattern to my visualizer from last year. The strings are 30,50,70 and 100 pixels. I have created a new network but having trouble setting up the I.D. Tried it a few different ways it looks good wen importing into superstar. but doesn't control lights when try them in sequences editor. If I try adding them as CCR it limits me to 50 pixels per string. If anyone can guide me to the right process that would be great.











Pixel Star.pdf

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Sorry, I missed that you were doing this on a Pixie 16 - which only operates on LOR networking...

In the current Visualizer, it's easier to do odd numbers of pixels in E1.31 rather than LOR networking because as you noted, the software is geared around Cosmic color Devices which are all based on 50 pixels.  I would assume that will change before too long.  Doing a quick look, I see two ways to do it.  The first is to use the "Draw Cosmic Color Pixel" tool (just to the right of the "Draw Light Strings" button) which lets you draw individual pixels - one at a time.  This would be very tedious, but would work.  The second would be the "CCR Draw Wizard" tool (just to the right of the "Tree Wizard" button) which allows you to specify the number of pixels - but it does assume you are using CCRs.  That will allow you to draw the entire ring of the star at once, and it will assign multiple "CCR"s for the rings of the star larger than 50 pixels.  For the 70 pixel ring, it might be easier to do that as two draws of 35 rather than do it at once.

In both these cases, the Visualizer is going to limit you to a maximum pixel number of 50, so each string with over 50 pixels will have to be treated as two separate Unit IDs.  As I don't have a pixie controller and have never even looked at the manual for one, I don't know how that will impact construction.  You MAY have to build it with strings no longer than 50 pixels, but I don't know on that.


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