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Hi and Help!!!!  I recently purchased my LOR system and have since downloaded some sequences and mp3 files from this  forum.  However, I can not load any of these files into the show builder and the mp3 tracks will not link to the sequence in sequence builder.  What gives?!?!?!  I downloaded audacity and it can not read the mp3 files either.  Help please!!!

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Being new it will be easier to use the Hardware Utility.

1) Go to Hardware Utility

2) Open the LOR MP3 Tab

3) In right side you will see "add sequence"

4) If the sequence and MP3 do not link just create the directory that it says. It will be much easier until you get used to outing them in the correct folder

5) Once you have the MP3 and Seq linked correctly it will pass validation. Once you are done adding all of your sequences simply select "create show" and follow prompts

6) Place show on SD card


Best if luck


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Yes, if you read closely it is actually saying something like

your song/..../..., cannot be found

you have to create that file.

Another way to fix that

Open sequence, under edit go to "media file"

then go find the song and select it. It will re link it and then save the sequence then follow my above steps


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It will not tell you to create the file, that is something that is self learned.

If you still can't get it send me a pm with your tel # and I will call you when I return home and walk you through it. About an hour or so from now.

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