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Any problems upgrading from 2.9.x to S4 4.3.x ?


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I have been running the old version with everything being rock solid until.... the logic board went poof 5 minutes into my setting up for 2016.  All I used the machine for was the display with just firing up once a year, it lasted 10 years.  Baaaah.

Anyway I'm having to start over and have the LOR folder saved and ready to go.  I am current on the latest version to I think 4.6 so that's done, and I've played with 4.x on my laptop but time to move to the fresh show computer.

Pretty much stick the Light-O-Rama folder at the top level and run the installer to let it do it's thing to that folder and that's mostly it?  Will the sequences all work once the comm port is sorted out and maybe some firmware updates on the controllers? 

Any help/suggestions appreciated.


P.S.- Sorry for cross posting this from the S2 forum but I didn't know how dormant that one was.

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Sounds like you have a good handle on things.

Assuming you are using a USB LOR Adapter don't forget to have the FTDI Driver loaded before you plug it in.


Likely stating the obvious but...

Lorpost will execute upon the first attempt to run the software tools.  When it runs make sure to define your directory structure to be identical to what was on the old machine.  Enter your license information and change the Network Settings to accommodate the COM port change (if necessary).  I haven't seen any documentation indicating S4 has eliminated downward compatibility with S2 files so I would expect you should be good to go.

I've got to say this is making me curious to pull out one of the old backups to confirm the downward compatibility portion.

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Ah- that FTDI driver for the LOR USB adapter!  Ran into that problem with the laptop!  Nice save B21b! 

I'll go grab that and throw it on a thumb drive.  

I spent a ton of time scouring the forum(s) but didn't quite see this upgrade path discussed.  I saw plenty of 2->3, 3->4, but couldn't find my situation. I didn't know if I would have to do some sort of incremental upgrade like catch S3 and then upgrade THAT to S4... etc.

Thanks for kicking this off- sorry to get your brain going on pondering the downward compatibility. 

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