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goinb into the CCR arena


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Well not having a working brain I ventured into the CCR arena.  I used the superstar instant sequencer and exported sequences into the sequence editor. 

I run my show from a showtime central and have used the simple show builder in the past.  When I try it now, it says I cannot use songs with a subsequence.  Am I doing something wrong or can I not use the showtime central with CCR sequences



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I ran into this last night with SS. In the sequence editor just load the song again, worked for me thanks to Brian and his help.


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When you exported from SS to SE how did you add the SS sequence into your main sequences? Did you copy and paste into your main sequence or did you add it as a sub sequence? Showtime Central won't play sub sequences because the sub sequence will not actually be on the sd card. When you add a sub sequence to a main sequence you are actually mapping it.

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