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I Know this may be a silly question, but here I go. I purchased 4 lor boxes of 16 channels. I started my first song on the musical editor. I set it for 64 channels + 1 beat track. How am I supposed to set up the program for each box?

Another words do I sequence 4 separate 16 channel sets? Are do I sequence 1-64 channels straight up? Are do I set it up 1-16,1-16,1-16, & 1-16, on one sequence?

I hope you understand the ?. This is my first year and I,m still learning. I know you can set each box on the inside 01-ff.

I need to know how to set up, editor, per box.


Mike B:?

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You didn't mention which version of LOR you are using, but I will assume it is LOR II or S2. Once your sequence editor opens, it should show 65 channels based on what you said. Click on the first entry under the Time Scale, I think it will say new channel in the block. This will open a box that says channel settings. Give the channel a name and select a color if you want for that channel. This will be the color that shows up in the Visualizer later. Device type, select Light-O-Rama Controller. Network will be Regular. Assign a Unit number; this will be the number that you will eventually set into the controller. I believe at this point, it asks you what type controller you have, 8 or 16 channels. Select 16 channels. Then it will assign all 16 channels for this unit. Scroll down past those 16 channels and select the next box and pick a new unit number for your second controller. and repeat the process. You can name channels and assign colors anytime. That's it in a nutshell. (I'm going from memory, so I may have reversed a step or two.

Edit to say: Welcome to this crazy, addictive hobby!

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Denny is correct for making the channel assignments for your boxes. As for your sequencing, you need to pre-plan were you are going to place your boxes in your display, then arrange your channels accordingly. You will program all 64 at a time. It makes no difference if you have an element split between two boxes. Say one arch is controlled by 2 controllers, ex. 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 2.1, 2.2 etc.

When I sequence, I typically program one element either for the whole song or a portion of the song then go back and program my next element. My starting element depends on the music and what my vision is for the animation. I tend to pick the easier elements first and work toward the more complicated elements. From there, I pick the tools that will help be best achieve a result for that element (beat wizard, tap wizard, etc).

Here are some great examples of how to sequence: http://www.christmasutah.com/lor.html

Here are some more:

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