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So I have 2 controllers for regular bulbs & 2 pixie 16's controlling 2 trees. The entire show is on COM 5, regular network, 56k. If I play my sequence, the 2 controllers light correctly for my regular bulbs, NO PIXELS. If I change COM 5 to 500k and check enhanced LOR, my Pixels play correctly, but my regular bulb controllers do NOT. I'm a newbie, and this networking is a little confusing. Can someone help me mess my two problems together so they both light at the same time :)  THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE> 


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Dennis, I don't think that will help if the controllers ARE NOT GEN3 type controllers. 

The older V1 and V2 controllers can't do enhanced and as far as I know there is no firmware to update these older units to do so.  So if that's what the OP has, he'll have to get another LOR USB485 dongle and separate the 2 from each other as one will have to be enhanced for the pixels, while the other needs to be a non-enhanced network.  

Only way I can think of that would solve his issues.  

But not knowing which controllers the OP has, this is speculation at best for an answer to their issue.

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