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hey guys, I have a friend that has tried to share a sequence with me but he uses a lcb file. I have no idea how to get this to work in the superstar program. Do any of you guys have any insight on how to do this. I have tried a few things but nothing seems to work. I can however paste it in the sequence editor but its all messed up. Any help would be great.

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.lcb is a lightorama clipboard file. As you mention, you can paste it into the sequence editor and then save it as a .lms file.

But the only files that superstar can open are .sup files. You cannot open a .lms file in superstar. And you cannot import a .lms file into superstar.

Superstar can export sequences to the sequence editor. But you cannot go the other direction, that is, you cannot create a sequence in the sequence editor and the send it to superstar.

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Thats what I was afraid of. His is a pixel tree do you think there is a way that he could send his sequence to be applied in the superstar. I would think he could save it has a sup file but I am not sure.

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