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I was just wondering what everyone was using for tracks. Here's what I'm using.
1. All (all 192 Channels)
2. Shooting star (Shooting star effect 12 channels across several controllers)
3. Roof (Just the 16 Roof channels)
4. Strobes ( 3 Channels from 3 controllers)
5. Megatree ( 32 channels 2 controllers)
6. Red (several channels from several controllers)
7. Green (several channels from several controllers)
8. Arches ( 32 channels 2 controllers)
9. Minitrees ( 32 channels 2 controllers)

I ran through last season with V1.61 and then have since updated to V2.14
So tracks are a new thing and I just don't want to miss out on any good uses for tracks!!
So if you have any input on what tracks you are using or suggest for me it would be greatly appreciated!!!!!:P

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This is how I am using tracks in my setup.

I have a master track that has all channels on it with .05 timings. I then duplicate channels to other tracks to have different timings. My setup is like this.

track 1: Master track

track 2: Mega tree

track 3: mini trees

track 4: Medeium trees

track 5 arches

track 6: windows

track 7: roof lines

track 8: Misc. items


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I have track 1 as "Beats", where I have all channels with events created by the Beat Wizard. When I need to use the Tapper Wizard to flash a light to a voice, I create a new track, usually called "Voices".

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I have:

Track 1 with .10 timings and all 32 channels

Track 2 with 12 channels for 6 mini trees over 2 controllers

Track 3 is a beat track

Track 4 is Voice track (if applicable)

Track 5 varies on the song (sometimes I put just the deer, or the trees, or a mix)

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