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Hello Newbie here and I'm not sure what I got myself into. Does any one have Christmas vacation song with a singing face that they are willing to share? Or any other sequences? I am struggling with creating the singing face. I'm still learning and would appreciate any help from you experts. I have a basic set up with channels 1-8 singing face and channels 9 threw 13 leaping arches and roof lights. If any one could help that would be great. GaryHonn@yahoo.com

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While there is some sharing of singing sequences, you can also buy them.


Holidaycoro $8 or so

Holidaysequences $15


While I use some shared singing sequences, I have purchased most of mine. Rather get what I want and not being limited by what's being shared.

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Is there any tips for trying to create a light show with a singing face? I have bought a sequence but I find it struggle to match up everything to get it perfect. Or is this the only way?


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