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I'm again troubled with sequences not marrying to music files. Over the years I've always used Simple Show Builder for shows. I've recently learned that this is not the best choice. 

Where is the best place to store sequences and music files so they can easily combine for a seamless show? 

I just got a file from a generous forum member containing numerous sequences. I downloaded them to "downloads" and would like to store them in the best place. I'd like to move my existing sequences into the same place to clean it all up. 

Thanks in advance. 


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Strong recommendation to use the LOR provided pointers to your LOR folders.   This will save you a lot of wondering and manual effort in the future.   The LOR provided program LORpost lets you set these. They can also be seen in RegEdit .  These are mine. 


If you don't deviate from the folders you told LOR were the defaults, your audio will be less confusing.    LOR Smartly uses relative location to find the audio. 

Look at musicFilename in this random .lms example.   There is no folder specified.  SE knows when there is no folder to search the LORaudioPath. 



Now when you move files around or move them to other computers your audio wont get lost and have to be re-associated.   A second computer could have a completely different LOR folder for audio.  But if you store your audio from both in the folder LOR looks in, then your sequence will work without the missing audio message.  If you have to navigate around to find the audio the .lms will look like this.  musicFilename="C:\Users\Bob\Downloads\Coca_Cola_Christmas_Theme.mp3"  This is called an absolute file location.   This will work and it will absolutely cause headaches when you clear out the downloads folder or move sequences between computers. 





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What Bob said.  On every computer I use for LOR, there is a mapped network drive of L:.  In some cases that is really a folder on my server, and in some cases it is some directory on the local C: drive - doesn't matter.  Every computer is looking for L:\ for the LOR files in the standard directory structure that the LOR installer will create if it does not exist.  I can easily move files between computers and I never have to re-map the audio files.

In my case, I have a folder under the various LOR directories (Sequences, visualizations, and SuperStar - but NOT audio) for the year and holiday that stores the files for that event.  so, for example I have the following directories (and I'm omitting some to keep this a little shorter):



L\Sequences\Christmas 2015

L\Sequences\Christmas 2016

L\Sequences\Halloween 2015

L\Sequences\Halloween 2016

L\SuperStar\Christmas 2015

L\SuperStar\Christmas 2016

L\SuperStar\Halloween 2015

L\SuperStar\Halloween 2016



This should give you the idea...

As you are using the Simple Show Builder, I believe you can't do that because the files MUST be in the default locations.  One of the big advantages of the Show Editor.


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