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Visulizer - adding mini trees to mega tree


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2nd year "newby" here.  Last year I had a 12 string ccd mega tree that I sequenced in super star.  This year I am adding some small mini trees to the display.  I want these trees incorporated into my mega tree sequences. .  I am puzzled by the visualizer program.  Can I just import my mega tree sequences into visualizer and then just add the mini trees in without starting totally from scratch for the mega tree and songs?  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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All you have to do is create your mini trees in the visualizer after you create them in your channel config in SE. Copy/Paste the mega tree in the new config in SE then program as usual.


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Thanks SPaschall,  I'm still lost. I was able to sequence several songs last year on my mega tree with SS.   I've struggled with  visualizer for a couple of hours now and still can't manage to make my mini trees - which will be small crab pot trees in front of the mega tree. I want to be able to have the mini trees which will be single color strings accenting the mega tree songs somewhat like I have the star accenting the song.  I loved working with SS to watch what it looked like as I created it. Is there a way to add the mini trees into the mix and still watch it as it plays out while sequencing?  I'm not understanding the SE very well either. Thanks


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