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RGB Arches with Pixie 16D


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Hi, I was trying to start simple, using a Pixie 16D Controller and 4 strands (50 pixels each) of WS2811 pixels to create 4 leaping RGB arches. I have the hardware side setup, my arches built and I can control my lights through SE, but I am lost at this point! It was recommended that the S4 Starter Software be purchased which I did, but in every tutorial I find they recommend the pro level. Am I really going to have to spend another $120 on software to properly use my setup? Are there any other options? I have played with SE quite a bit but am having difficulty in several areas. Does anyone have a sample sequence that I could look at for direction? Thanks for the help guys!

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can you setup a sequence to turn on all your pixels...Do you know how to add the pixie device in SE..Im not sure on the licensing requirements but LOR website should help, I have the pro level due to pixel editor..PE makes it easier to program the pixels but for arches you can do it manually in SE just time consuming...

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