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What type of speaker works best with the Showtime Central and FM Transmitter... I know it has a standard headphone jack, but all the outside speakers I am finding do not have these type of inputs on them..


Any ideas greatly appreciated!!!  GOOD LUCK WITH ALL YOUR DISPLAYS This year!!!

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This late in the game is just buy a cheap boom box and hook it up.

Thats what I used for Halloween.

When it warms up then plan for speakers.

Thats just me though.

FWIW- there are adapters for everything. Your speakers must be powered, either via amplifier, batteries or receptacle.


Best of luck



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Not familiar witht the ST Central harware but guessing you would need a pair of "owered" speaker...similar to what you use on computers..  They have that smaller headphone type plug.  Non-powered speaker are used on ampliers/recievers who provide the power for the speakers.


If you need weather resistant speakers, look for "powered outdoor" speakers. if going outside unprotected, then a boombox isn't practical.  If protected, say under a porch, then you could go with the boombox or a pair of indoor powered speakers.

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