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Scheduler problem


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If no manual changes are made to the length of the sequences, Is it accurate to calculate the length of a show by the length of the mp3's within it?

I have 2 shows created that I want to run within an hour time frame.  The first show of the two kicks off at the accurate time, plays through, and ends normally, but for some reason instead of the second show that is set in the scheduler beginning, the first show begins again. There is a 10 second break from the end time of the first show to the start time of the second show.

Show 1 is 16:08 in length based on mp3 time and show 2 is 43:25

Show 1 starts at 5:00 PM and ends at 5:16:08

Show 2 starts at 5:16:18 and ends at 5:59:43

Problem is Show 2 never starts, Show 1 starts over again.    ..........confused.......   :wacko:

Thanks for any help.

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Any reason you are over thinking it? Why not just put the two shows into one ... and let it run.

Also, a show can only be scheduled by hours:minutes. Thus your first show would have to be 16 minutes long. The last song would finish playing, then the second show would start. It'd have to be scheduled 5:16-6:00. However, it would be delayed until the first show is over. This could cause it to go longer as well. Your shows would be out of sync for the rest of the night ...

If you must have the shows starting at the top of the hour ... place a 5 minute ANIMATION sequence into the MUSICAL tab at the END of your musical sequences. The software will stop an animation sequence on the spot to start the next show.

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1 hour ago, Don said:

Also, a show can only be scheduled by hours:minutes.

At least in the Show Scheduler, that is not correct.  A show can be scheduled to the second.  I don't know about the Simple Show Builder as I don't use it.

However, as Don said, put an animation only filler sequence at the end of show one.  The show player will stop an animation sequence at the scheduled end of the show.


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yea, the scheduler does have the ability to go down to the second.  I guess that's why I am confused because I have the schedule mapped down to the second for both shows start and stop times, or so I thought.

I am going to create a 15 second animation sequence then scheduling it to turn off at the appropriate times and see if that will fix the scheduler issue.


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