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MP3 invalid media file Error


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I am running the latest LOR software, I downloaded a song in iTunes, I converted it to mp3 in iTunes, but the sequencer says it is no good. I made sure the file extension is mp3 and it is. I compared the file to other mp3 I have, it looks the same. I tried to download a different song from iTunes and it does the same thing. I think it has something to do with iTunes but not sure what. Thanks for any help.

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I am new to LoR this year, and so just starting off, I didn't convert any songs to mp3, yes some songs I had were already mp3 but other songs I just went into my iTunes library and copied the file song and put it in a folder on my computer i want all my LoR songs in. (All of my files for iTunes are stored in a network hard drive and I want to keep everything for my show local on computer so I don't have to worry about loosing any network connection) most of them are mp4 I believe and work fine. Should I have not been doing this and should they all be mp3?

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