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Paul L

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This will be my first entry into automated holiday decorating. I want to build a large tree in my front yard. My house is a two story colonial so I was thinking I would need something tall to grab attention. I was leaning toward pixel lights instead of ribbons. If you were to start out from scratch what would you do and why? (Curious about things like 180 Deg vs 360 Deg, height, pixel density, etc)

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well you can use  a 180 tree if looking at it from front view, but if you can see all around tree then a 360 design is better .     viewing distance would determine pixel spacing  and height is up to your budget.

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I built a 12 strand 180 degree ribbon tree that I first displayed last year, so I am biased.  However, if I was starting again from scratch, I would still go with a 180 ribbon tree, but I would probably make it 16 strands to add a little more resolution.  I am happy with the 12 ribbons, but you said starting from scratch.

Your house is large, but so is a ribbon tree.  The ribbons are 16 feet, and with a size matching star on top, you can easily get to 20 feet.  My tree is about 21 feet high with the star.  It is about 12 feet on the bottom.  It would be impressive for almost any home.

I think the pro of the 180 degree ribbon tree is ease of set up.  The ribbons are extremely easy to set up and line up perfectly.  Might be more difficult with pixel lights.  Ribbons also seem pretty durable. I can't speak to the pixel lights since I haven't used them.  

Regardless of what you choose, it will look really cool. 

Good luck!

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