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Best night ever !!


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So I stumbled across a guy  that stopped doing his light show last year a few towns over and just out of curiosity asked him if he had any controllers left over that he hasn't sold yet or wanted to sell . He said he had 5 LOR controllers and 2 -8 channel archs left . Went tonight to check them out . How much do you guys think I paid ? 

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Oh and 2 high speed USB 485's

and mega tree kit with topper

lol I wasn't that lucky but almost !

$ 200.00

the 5 controllers are the commercial grade ones 

i thought it was a great deal ! 

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Now I have 8 controllers and only a few weeks away from lights on .

I think I will have to wait till next season to add channels

maybe I will just add a couple arches this year and prepare good for next year 

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