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Merging superstar and pixel

Rod Pauley

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Can you merge superstar and pixel together. I have an DMX mega tree and would like to use some effects from the Pixel editor in the sequence. I left the first 10 seconds blank in Superstar and the in pixel editor added and saved intensity file for the first 10 seconds. When I play this back on the Visualizer the Superstar effects after the first 10 seconds blink or flicker...... Is it possible to merge the two programs to the same channels?

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With the current product you cannot use two different intensity data products on the same lights. Even if one of them is "dormant" it will interfere with the other one.

The only way to combine them is using "legacy" format, because when using the older legacy format "dormant" channels do not interfere with active ones.

Note that this is an issue that is planned to be addressed next year.

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