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Using LOR and Pixcon16 not working.


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Well, 'tis  the season... Last year our Chamber of Commerce decided to go with LOR to animate our display. Easy Enough. Kits make life easy. 3 LOR G3 boxes and mini directorwith fm transmitter. All good.This summer they decided mega tree. Purchased pixcon16 kit and upgraded to g3-mp3 director. 

1. All G3 controllers purchased 1/15. Able to use laptop to control all boxes and strings. Unit ID 01, 02, and Unit 03.

2. Pixcon16 purchased 9/16. Licence S4, Pro Level and 60 CCR. Able to configure board to LOR. Able to play from laptop. Units 01-10 for 16 channels 

3. Exported working SS sequence editor to open in LOR sequence editor 

4. Opened my simple sequence that works on the 3 LOR G3 controlers.

5. Opened the exported SS sequence and then created new channels for each of the LOR boxes and Copy/pasted my simple sequence into the new channels.

6. Save. Opened HU to create show. Selected and verified ok.

7. Create- Selected 500k (?), Selected new G3-mp3 director. Did NOT select dual because pixcon16 is daisy chained to last g3 16 channel controller with 100 ft cat5e. 

With 1000k, the pixcon16 plays and the G3 controllers do not. If I set to 500k then g3 controllers work and pixcon16 does not....



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Make sure you are using an enhanced network as the pixcon requires it. You will have to update your G3 controllers with the latest firmware to ensure they work on the enhanced network.

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Lugged my laptop out to the display and found we had V1.06. Had already downloaded V1.08 so I knew I was 2 versions behind. Updated firmware on all 3 and everything worked.... Thank you for your time and info!

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