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Addon Non CCR devices to CCR Sequences


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I'm fairly new to the CCR world and the Superstar Sequencer.  I purchased several sequences and a star from you last year and all went well.  My display consists of a 12 CCR Megatree that is centered on a hill next to my house.  Around the tree, scattered over the hillside, I have man made snowflakes ranging from 3' to 8' in diameter.  I would like my display to control these snowflakes in time with the sequence that is playing.  The snowflakes are all LED white lights using 1 channel each for a total of 26 additional non CCR Channels (10 left over from the star and 16 from a new controller). Since I don't have to worry about color or the flashing and variation to be perfect, I thought that the instant sequence would be ideal.  I am having trouble getting the Instant Sequence routine to recognize the non CCR controllers.  I thought I could create a temp snowflake sequence with just the appropriate controllers and channels; leaving the activity blank, export it into Superstar, auto sequence it, then export it back and paste it to the CCR sequence. To me it sounded good but I only see CCR channels.  I would have to do a lot of cutting and pasting to change the CCR channels to LOR.

I do not have a visualizer created for the snowflakes. What am I doing wrong? Is there a more detailed tutorial that would help?

Thanks in advance.

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You should be able to use the "Create Quick Visualization" feature. Click on the Tools menu and select "Create Quick Visualization".

In the dialog box that appears specify one controller and set the unit ID to the unit ID of the controller. Click on "Create Quick Vis"

You should see 16 dots on the screen. Each dot represents a channel. You can do instant sequence on these and then export the sequence.

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