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First Winter Storm


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With record breaking heat temps all across the country these past few weeks, the first winter storm has finally hit.  I'm glad it hit early so I can see what needs to be "Bolted" down a little bit more.  We had 20 - 30 mph winds for most the night last night with gusts double that.  The only thing I could see this morning were some of my Drip Lights hanging out of the tree, candles tipped over on the porch, a couple other props leaning sideways, and my fence gate latch bent open.  The street light had about a 6-8 inch swing in the wind, while my Mega Tree seemed to stay pretty solid.  With a dusting of snow, I turned on a couple of sequences to check for GFCI trips and so far we're good.  The snow has made me even more excited for the show to turn on.  Next Saturday is the big day.  Too bad it's supposed to be back in the 50's next week, so much for the snow look with the lights.

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