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First time RGBer... Anyone selling CCPixels or CCBulbs?


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I have a prop that I'd love to string into about 200 RGB bulbs or bullets. the ccpixels or ccbulbs really fit the bill but man iit's spendy enough to put some decision on the table. Just wondering if anyone had some they are looking to part with at used prices so to speak.

My prop is two 4x8 coro boards together as one 8x8 prop on an external wall above my garage door. Going to put Charlie Brown and Snoopy/Woodstock on it admiring Charlie's XMAS tree. I'd like to plug through every approx 6 inches a grid of pixels or bulbs... and then use them to have it 'snow'. So I need RGB... and I've played with the s4 software enough to know that side of it... but the decisions on entering the breach of RGB cost "efficiently" are truly awesome.

The ccpixel/ccbulbs fit the bill perfectly but seeemingly hurt the wallet...

..a dumb rgb setup (controller/power/nodes) from holiday coro gives me what I need here and some expansion capability

  .... but........ it's hard not to hear the siren song of smart RGB controller/power/nodes.....

..... then I start thinking "hmmm... if I'm already spending this much on a smart setup....check out these mega trees!!"


So... Anyone have a lifeline to keep me away from buying capability for 16 nodes of smart rgb ... just so (currently anyway) I can make some snow effects on a 8x8 coro prop :)


(You all regularly and fairly warn people this is addicting... I am now understanding what that means...)

Thanks, Kevin

(btw - my current equipment is two CTB16PC-ReadyToGO and S4 software Pro.. haven't yet purchased anything specific for RGB ... yet...) 

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