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Version 4.3.16 visualization import bug


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I just upgraded two computers (one WinXP the other Win7) from 4.3.14 to 4.3.16.  I discovered a bug when importing this year's visualizations into SuperStar.  In Visualizer I am forcing all props to specific locations on the SuperStar Parameters screen.  Below is a screen capture I did a couple months ago of the sequencing grid as seen in SuperStar.  As part of future proofing myself, I have a bunch of props that only have a couple lights forced onto row 64.  This has worked fine all year.  When trying to use the same visualization file with 4.3.16, I get an error message that starts out "Max number of 64 sequencing rows exceeded."  I said, wait a minute, this has worked fine all year.  After ACKing that error message I got a couple more for fixtures that failed to add because there is no matching fixture between the row and real visualizations.  Again, these have worked just fine all year.  Just for grins I went into Visualizer and modified all the props that are on row 64 and changed them to row 63.  Saved with a new date and used that revised row visualization to set the layout in SuperStar.  The import worked just fine, and that top row of props are now all on row 63.  Also there are no fixture mis-matches.

I went to the 4.3.16 beta because I have seen a couple of the errors (mostly related to groups) in 4.3.14 that are reported to be fixed in 4.3.16.  I will be leaving my primary sequencing computer and the show computer on 4.3.14 for a while longer...  And yes, I fully understand that this is why you do beta releases.  It's amazing what end users will find!





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Thanks for finding this bug. Please email the visualization to brian@superstarlights.com and I will take a look at it.

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Brian fixed it.  Sent me an updated version and I confirmed it working on both the WinXP and Win7 computers.


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