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Changing master track channels


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When I started 3 years ago I heeded the words of my elders and started using a master track right away.  Up until this point I have not had to change it. 

This year I want to swap two channels from one controller to two channels on another controller (2 for 2 even swap).  The master track works awesome, I change it once and it alters all my other tracks.  Two followup questions. 

1)  Because my controllers are listed in sequential order in my master track, should I then drag-and-drop the swapped channels so the controllers and channels are still in sequential order?... or should I just leave them where they now stand?

2)  I saved the new configuration.  I'm finding that I now need to import this new configuration into each of my sequences... is this correct?

Thanks for the help. 


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1. I would just leave everything where it is in the master, no sense in taking the chance of screwing something up. Move them around in another track if you like but the general rule is leave the master alone.

2. Yes, import the new channel config into all your sequences as long as all the sequences have the same channels.

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