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Checking Matrix Setup ?


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Is there a way to check the layout of a Matrix after it has been created?  I wanted to check to see if a matrix was created as zig-zag or snake.  I could not figure it out.

I ended up deleting it and re-creating it.

Thanks in advance!  Walt

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In the visualizer, when creating a matrix using the "matrix wizard" there is a "snake pattern" option. Is that how you created your matrix?

In the "matrix wizard" there is also an option to "show flow lines in preview", have you tried that option?

Also, I suggest making the background of the visualization gray. Because when you click on the "Fixtures" list on the right side of the screen, it will put numbers on the lights in the fixtures and the default color for those numbers is white, so you will not be able to see them if you have a white background.

Does the above answer your question, or are you asking if there is a way to confirm the layout in superstar?

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I was looking for a way to confirm the layout in the visualizer.  I had an issue where I thought the layout was correct (snake vs zig zag).

When I exported the sequence from Superstar into the sequence editor, things were messed up a bit (zig zag instead of snake).

I actually have two visualizations.  One that just has the matrices for Super Star and another for my whole layout - that I use when running simulations using the Sequence Editor).  The visualization for the whole layout was wrong. 

I forgot about the numbers, but then again, all of my 8x6 matrices are very small on the screen (about 1/2 inch wide).  It would have been nice to get back to the screen used when I created the matrices.

I think I put this question in the wrong area!

Thanks,  Walt


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I have had the same issue. And the way I check is to look at the numbers on each pixel of the fixture. If the fixture is too small to see the numbers you can stretch it out bigger and the click on "undo" to get it back how it was.

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