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Hardware Utility not seeing controllers?


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OK. I wanted to use four Easy Light Linkers and two LOR splitters this year to get away from all of the CAT5 running everywhere.

The hardware finder tool does not find all of my controllers.

Currently I have 15 set up. When I search I only see ten. If I run a sequence all channels work.

My ELLs are a different story. In the same room I see all four controllers with ELLs. When I place them outside, no more than fifty feet from the master, I can only find one.

So then I used a LOR splitter and was able to go two directions. I needed three and put in another to get to the roof. It hosed everything and I was lucky to see two controllers.

I put the second splitter in the box with the only outside ELL which which is seen and I can get to other controllers, but they do not show up when I search with the hardware utility.

Right now I have everything talking on the wire. I just find it odd that I can't see all of my boxes.

Most of my controllers are one to three years old, there are five which might be five years old.

Any Suggestions?

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Have you tried running a sequence? I've ran into issues in the past where the HU didn't see the controller but the sequence/show ran perfectly. If the status light is steady, they are talking.

I don't trust the HU for finding controllers because it's not 100%, at least in my past experience.

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Unfortunately, I ran my test tonight... :(

The two Easy Light Linkers which could be seen could not transfer data fast enough to run the show.

I only had three controllers on the ELL. All of the channels were behind. I had to run Cat 5 to the controller with the ELL attached.

I had Two ELLs last year and they worked OK. I bought two new ones this year and they can't even talk to each other. Yes - I did update the firmware to see if it would help. Nope.

I cried a little. Not really but I am disappointed in money wasted.

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