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Megatree DMX Edge Up and Down/ Repeaat


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Hi All,

I need your help.  I'm trying to draw my new Meagtree that will have 40 bundles with 20 universes. Each Universe will connect at the edge, go up and come back down on two adjacent bundles.  I tried to use the wizard and the DMX Pixel Edge to Center/ Cetner to Edge.  That did exactly as it sounds.    The first universe cam out correctly, then the 2nd one went from the top to the bottom and back up.


Any ideas how to get 20 universes from bottom to top and back down again?


MegaTree Layout2.jpg


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I ended up modifying the prop manually by rebuilding the tree with all bundles starting at the edge and manually flipping every other bundle.  I would still appreciate any ideas you have in case others need to do this.

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