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I have a showtime central package with the mini director.  Ultimate goal is to use the SD card to run my shows WITHOUT the need for PC running in the background.  I am going to create my shows using the hardware utility - LOT MP3 Tab.  I want my show to run continuously from say 5:00 PM to 11:30 PM. After each song is played in the show, i want all the lights to remain on with 100% intensity for about 30 secs before starting the next song. 

Question 1: To do this, do i need to create a 30 second sequence with all the channels in the full on state and then just place the sequence after each "songed" sequence in my show director?  Or is there a way to have the lights just go on for 30 Secs by the click of a button?

Question 2: After 11:30 (when the show is complete), I want all of the lights (every channel) to just remain statically ON in until about 1:30 AM.  How do I do this easily?  Just make a new show with the 30sec of 100% intensity sequence on a continuous loop until 1:30 AM?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Johnny Kosik

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Well I can tell you this. I had the mini director and if there is power it plays. I upgraded last year and I'm super happy. I keep the mini director as my backup. But for the thirty seconds you should make a thirty second with all lights on. Last for the totally on til 130am...I am not sure if your director is capable of programming like that

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Q1 - you guess right, you'll need a 30 sec sequence - you could put that in the Cleanup Sequence section (i think). I'd probably instead of steady 100% intensity, fade / ramp them down to say 30/20%; so when the next song starts there'll be more of a "pop" in the light show.

Q2 - you guessed right again :)  Though I'd make a longer animation sequence, say 5 minutes, and then loop that for the 2 hours. I'd also consider having the lights at say 50% brightness, enough they can be seen, but not enough they can be seen from space :) or by the neighbors who are trying to sleep :)



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