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Christmas & Halloween Display for Sale


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I'm trying this again. I had it posted originally and had a local sale that fell through. Moving and will not be doing my show anymore. My preference is to sell the entire show to someone.  Everything listed below including my Dell laptop (show computer) with software, sequences and music loaded. All my Christmas sequences have 12 ribbon CCR matrix, RGB and most have 12 ribbon horizontal matrix. All halloween sequences have singing jack o lantern faces and RGB as well. If you'd like a list of my christmas & halloween sequences - let me know. Everything including the laptop preloaded $5000.  Please email me with questions dr.jscottrogers@gmail.com (I may not respond frequently to messages on here, but I will email)
Everything is OBO
(9) LOR Ctb16 channel residental controllers 3 years old $125 each
Showtime central make offer
LOR cmd24b channel rgb controllers purchased from Creative lighting displays  $150 each
2 CCP controllers & pixels from LOR $150 each
1 DMx controller for 4 strands of 360 smart rgb pixels (picture below) $200
1 dmx setup for horizontal matrix E 1.31 $250
3 Animated Lighting controllers with predone shows on sd card make offer
Antenna and transmitter  $250
20 or so strands of dumb rgb pixels from creative lighting displays $20 each
8 LOR rgb flood lights $20 each
Horizontal ribbon matrix make offer
Aluminum ribbon tree, 13 LOR CCR ribbons & controllers (12 plus 1 spare) mounted, custom star from Brian at superstar lights $2000
2 mega trees (poles, stars, red, white or blue LED C9's) $100 each
Arches & fire sticks  (lights already wrapped in sections - white LED) $250 for arches, lights, firesticks, stars)
multiple Christmas trees
20 mini trees from wowlights with blue and red LED lights ($200 for all)
Thousands of led lights (white, blue, red, green) all sizes from mini to c9's
4 singing pumpkin faces. - see videos & picture (do not have santa hats on them) $1000
extension cords
2 high speed adapters
Cat 5 cables 
7 shooting stars mounted on cables 
Various other led lights (Stars, icicles, deer, etc)
whole roll of split wire 
I'm sure I forgot stuff, just ask.













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