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Linking props to lights in SE


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Good afternoon everyone!

I just bought a 12 strip pixel tree and someone gave me a prop file.  So I imported the prop file.  Now, how do I link the channels in channel config that I setup in the SE?

Thanks in advance!


LOR 4.26

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Don't quite understand what you are asking. If you added the channels in SE then they are already in the Channel Config. If you are talking about the channel setup you can click on the channel name and a setup box opens that you can configure.

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So someone gave me a prop file for VISUALIZER for a CCR "like" tree (12 strips) and I am trying to link them to my pixels so that when in the SEQUENCE EDITOR and playing a sequence, I can see it in VISUALIZER.  So yes they are in the channel config.  I am guessing I am going to have to create new fixtures for every pixel (50 per strip) ?!?

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