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How do I add 75 LOR pixels in the Sequence Editor


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It may be strange to post this question in the SuperStar forum, but here goes. What is the best way to add 75 pixels in the Sequence Editor and have them all use one LOR Unit ID. I added 75 pixels and made them a group and then is there an easy way to define the addressing without doing it individually to each pixel?

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Go under add device, select DMx universe, tell it 75 pixels and tell it what universe and channel number to start with

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you mentioned LOR Unit ID number in your addressing so I would guess the best way to get 75 rgb channels with the same LOR unit ID would be to, right click, create 225 regular channels, address the first one with LOR DEVICE and  with the ID you want, the auto-populate will pop up and it will ask if you want that ID for X number of channels(pick above 225. Now that you have 225 channels with the same unit ID, convert them to RGB channels = 75 RGB pixels all with the same LOR Unit ID.

I hope that is what you were seeking


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