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Getting into the game late this year, but want to understand how a channel is powered. I'm planning to build a shooting star and have not received my controller yet so I'm not sure I understand what my configuration needs to be. I will have eight (8) stars, each with their own set of incan lights. I assume each star will be treated as its own channel. Am I correct in assuming that I will then have to supply power separately to each star (i.e.: a separate extension cord running to each star)? Or is it possible to connect the lights of each star, run power to that one (1) chain, and then be able to control each star/segment to perform a simple on/off to each star/segment to give the shooting effect? 

Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer what I'm sure is an easy question for anyone that's ever used a LOR controller!

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You can run each star with their own powe cord for different effects or you can daisy chain them together on one channel if you want them all to do the exact same thing at same times.


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