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Error loading seqeunce.


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i have a problem when i export to sequence editor and want to open it in sequnce editor.

"Invalid end centisecond for last replacement event: 188865; channel is 18836 sentisecond"

what did i do wrong?

greetz, Mark

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Are you exporting from Superstar?  Or something else? If it's superstar. . . . Open up the sequence in superstar and make sure you don't have any effects that go beyond the sequence length that was set when you imported the music file.  If you do just trim up the effects save it then export again to the sequence editor and that should fix it.....hopefully. Hope this helps. 

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I know exactly what that one is. You have one or more effects that extend past the end of the song. Usually from copying and pasting some effects from earlier in the song. First, look for effects that go past the end of the song in Superstar and edit or delete them. Then for each type of effect (scenes, morphs, etc), look at the list of effects, and go to the end of the list. See if there are any that start after the end if the song - delete any that are found. Repeat for the other effect types. When completed, save the file and export again.

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i found it, the song was shorter dan my effects. I make the song 3 seconds longer and the problem is gone.

Thanks, Mark

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