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Looking for sequence , need help


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Hey guys how's it going ?

Does anyone know the " Christmas is starting now " song ? By big bad voodoo daddy ? 

Does anyone have the sequence ? Great Xmas tune !! 

Heard it in Disney Hollywood studios at the osbourne family light show ! My favorite time of year to go to Disney and now it's gone forever. Hoping that one of you awesome members has done it :) 

thanks !


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Grab some holly and mistletoe
'Cause we're gonna go out tonight.
We're gonna bask in the electric glow
Of a billion little colored lights.
We've got a lot to do, before the dawn
So with a minimum of introspection,
I think you've better put your mittens on
Shake your jingle bell in my direction

Sometimes I feel like a big snowman
That's fallen under a plow.
But tonight I'm on top of the world
We're gonna bring it around somehow.

Christmas is starting now!
Oh yeah!
Christmas is starting now.
That's right,

Christmas is starting now.
Oh yeah.

Christmas is starting now.

Right now.

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Holy crap sarge that is the one !

your the best ! 

How can I repay you for that ?

thank you so much !


chris a.

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I will have it for you later this afternoon. I got side tracked and had to do some of the chores on my Honey Do List from the wife... lol

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Here you go. I hope it is ok. Just finished the basics of it. Timing is a little off here because I am still learning to use the video making program that I have and have to add the music after making the video.


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