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Newbie here with question....

Angie Whitecotton

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I've had few people share sequences with me(thank you) and I'm little lost.....I only have 16 channels and several of the sequences have more then 16....so how does that work? I don't have any arches....Do I delete that channels with arches? 

This what we have so far, we have little more to still put up. 


My Migraine thanks you!




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You would make up a channel layout for your house and your props the way you have them setup. You would set up visualizer to match your house as well. You open a new sequence with the song that you have a donated sequence for. Then you open up your donated shared sequence at the same time. From here you can copy and paste anything from the donated sequence to your new sequence. If the donated sequence has an arch you can try applying those to something like a spiral tree as an example. You would just copy and paste watching the visualizer until you get what you want. It's nice if the donated sequence has more channels then  what you're using it gives you more things to choose from

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As a newbie myself and getting a lot of help let me add.

You can run the show without deleting the channels. You will just have nothing happening during the time that time that that particular Chanel is opening or closing. I.e. Arches on channel 17, if you do not have 17 connected then nothing will happen.

Next year if you add an arch and another controller you will be set.

Always save a copy before editing just for that reason.

I too have received nothing but great help without bashing since joining and words cannot express my gratitude.

Best of luck.


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Never delete anything from a donated sequence, you may be able to use in the future.

I put them in a group and label as un-used. then I turn off the chan. in chan. config.

So it is still available for use later in the future.

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